Italian Day on The Drive

About Italian Day

The foundation of Italian Day is the celebration of Italian culture and the contributions made to this city by Italian immigrants and subsequent generations of Italian-Canadians. With a rich history of over 50 years, Commercial Drive’s Italian heritage is reignited and The Drive is transformed into a vibrant street festival. Organized by the Italian Day Festival Society in conjunction with key sponsor, The Commercial Drive Business Society and collaborating partner, The Italian Cultural Centre, the goal is to share the spirit and all that is Italian with Vancouver’s multi-cultural community, showcasing food to performing arts, fashion, exhibits and activities. The event also engages merchants, vendors, businesses and sponsors, extending the cultural element into a community and city benefit. Since its return in 2010, Italian Day has become one of Vancouver’s most celebrated cultural festivals with over 300,000 attendees in 2013, more than double the previous year’s attendance.

Italian Day 2014: Made in Italy – Sunday June 8, 2014

Italy has always been associated with classic style. An unmatched sense of design is Italy’s first and foremost export. This wealth is founded on centuries of Italians making things beautifully and with care, passing down traditional artisanal methods from generation to generation. Made in Italy means the marriage of masterful design and artisan technique. It means superior quality. It is what makes Italy unique among all others. Combine this tied up in images of La Dolce Vita – it is no wonder that the Italian brand is both globally and locally embraced unlike any other. For Italian Day 2014 – we celebrate Made in Italy from inventions to Italian goods and lifestyle – products of Italian history and culture found in our very own backyard.

Italian Day Festival Society


Beppe De Lucio, President
Brunella Gaudio, Vice President
Michael Cuccione, Treasurer
Carmelina Cupo
Irena Demarco


Katie Blank, Graphics and Communications Assistant
Nick Pogor, Event Administration

Jane McFadden, Volunteer Coordinator

Caitlin Miller, Street Activation and Volunteers
Carmen D’Onofrio, BIA President
Federico Fuoco, Past Italian Day Festival Society President

Mauro Vescera, Executive Director of the Italian Cultural Centre
Dragan Nikodijevic, Graphic Design, Barcelona Media Design
Rob D’Onofrio, Past Treasurer